Is MUTU Safe for Prolapse? Or Hernia?

MUTU is safe and recommended for you if you are coping with hernia or prolapse symptoms. Clear modifications and guidance are given throughout the program.

An independent clinical survey of over 900 customers in 2018 showed that 88% of women suffering from Pelvic Organ Prolapse reported an improvement after following MUTU. Clinical trials in 2020 showed that an incredible 100% of women suffering from prolapse symptoms saw improvement within 3 weeks of using MUTU.

Both prolapse and hernia result from excessive intra-abdominal pressure. This means that your abdominal and pelvic cavity cannot withstand the pressure within, resulting in pushing away, out or down at the weakest points – such as your pelvic floor or the midline of your abdominal muscles. 

By following the MUTU System programme you will begin to address these underlying causes so that your core and pelvic floor can become stronger and function more optimally. 

MUTU System’s Core workouts and breathing exercises, progressed gradually, mindfully and over time, are gentle, restoring and healing. The daily walk will help you to adjust your postural alignment so that your body can support itself more effectively.  They are likely to be an ideal complement to your Doctor or Physio's recommendations but it's important to understand that MUTU is not a medical treatment and these conditions should be diagnosed and treated according to your medical Doctor’s recommendations.

Within the programme you will find a dedicated Pelvic Modifications section that shows how to adapt the programme if you are experiencing symptoms of POP. 

You can read more about hernia here and pelvic organ prolapse here. You can find out more about referring to a specialist women's health physical therapist on here.