Will MUTU completely heal my diastasis?

An independent clinical survey of over 900 customers in 2018 showed that an incredible  94% of women with diastasis recti (abdominal separation) reported an improvement after following MUTU.  Clinical Trials in 2020 also showed that of 100 women who had received physiotherapy diagnosis of significant diastasis, 91% saw an improvement.

Understand though, that diastasis recti is a symptom of a core that is not strong or stable. It's not the whole picture

To focus only on closing the gap, is not going to get you a stronger core, flatter tummy, help with your back pain or ability to control leaking.   Rather, you need to shift your thinking to a whole-body approach of connecting, restoring, improving your posture and strengthening. 

Remember that if a small gap still remains, this is perfectly normal, provided your core is strong and functional. Which it will be after MUTU!