Why doesn't MUTU recommend the use of a splint or binder for diastasis recti?

MUTU System does not advocate binding or splinting your stomach as a solution to diastasis recti. 

MUTU System is based on the principle that ‘the gap’ is a symptom (not the root cause) of a compromised, weak core and a misaligned pelvis (inside and out). To focus on the gap only without addressing these fundamental issues, along with effective metabolic fat loss techniques… is not going to get you the tummy you’re after. 

If you choose to wear a wrap of some description postpartum for comfort and support, this is fine. But it is absolutely not an element of our programme. We’re not Anti- ‘comfort-or-support‘ – just Anti- ‘a-binder-will-fix-the-problem‘!

On our US site you'll find our article on  Why MUTU System doesn’t require the use of a splint or binderhere and  recent research from respected Physiotherapist Diane Lee which agrees that the binding or splinting approach for DR is in her opinion ‘not anatomically correct' (you can head back to our UK site from both of those pages).