Can I do other workouts alongside MUTU?

MUTU System includes high intensity, low impact workouts which you will build to four or more times per week, so all the toning, strengthening and heart-rate-raising work you need is in there! But if you wish to continue with other intensive workouts alongside MUTU, you need to monitor how your own body is reacting. You’ll learn more about self assessment in the programme, but essentially, if you are completely stable and supported when you workout, then you’re probably fine to do that workout. But if you have a diastasis recti or a weak pelvic floor, if your stomach bulges or protrudes in any way, if you leak, if you get any back ache during or after, if you feel unsupported or unstable in any way… Then you’re not ready for that workout.

If you have hernia or prolapse (you can read more about that here) or if you have any discomfort or pain and definitely if you leak – then any other intensive exercise, especially running or high impact exercise, is NOT recommended.

If your diastasis is narrowing and especially, if the midline is firming as you progress through the programme, then by all means, try it. If any of these issues start or reoccur, back up. Only you know how your body feels so be mindful of how it functions and feels, and go from there. MUTU System is not about being restrictive. The programme teaches you to use your core in all workouts to stay strong. But you should only do anything high impact if your core can withstand it – no leaking, bulging, or discomfort during or after.

Some intensive exercise can make things worse if your core isn’t able to cope with that type of exercise yet. Ultimately, you will learn with MUTU to read your own body’s signals. We don’t have a list of do’s and don’ts… your body is telling you, you simply have to listen! Read more on  ‘When You’re Ready to Crossfit, Plank Or Run’ here.