Emailing us with your medical concerns

We really do appreciate your need for information and answers. Not understanding the way your body is behaving or feeling can be upsetting and may mean you feel disconnected from your body.  We want to provide as much help and support as we can and within this site you will find wealth of information and resources about our programme, it's incredible results and how it can help you

We ask you to appreciate that we are not medically trained, nor qualified to assess, treat, or offer comment on your personal condition, nor can we advise beyond the scope of our programme. 

If you are concerned about any health or medical issue, please contact your medical caregiver to obtain an accurate and individualised assessment of your situation.

If you are in any pain during or after exercise, please cease the activity immediately and do not return to it until you have consulted with a medical Doctor. Put simply, if something hurts, stop doing it and don’t do it again until you have been assessed by your medical caregiver and agreed a course of action with them.

Please see our Medical Disclaimer here.