Help I'm having difficulties completing my purchase/AVS error message

We work hard to ensure your MUTU checkout is secure as possible.

Our website is based in the UK, and some card issuers will decline an international payment if they are not sure of its authenticity. So you may like to let your card issuer know that it's really you purchasing MUTU ;)

AVS stands for Address Verification Service and is what your bank or card issuer uses to prevent card fraud.

An AVS mismatch happens when the billing address information you enter at the checkout does not match with the billing address information that your card issuer has on file for you. Even the very smallest difference with the way your card issuer stores your details, to how they are entered at the checkout, can cause this type of error to show up.  

If you are seeing an AVS mismatch, we recommend you get in touch with your card issuer to check the details they have on file for you.

We accept Visa and MasterCard Credit and Debit card payments & American Express credit card payments as well as payment by Apple Pay, and PayPal.

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