I need help with my discount code.

If we sent you a discount code for a particular sale or promotion - please check the dates of the sale and ensure you use the code during the sale period.  

Discount codes can be added in the discount code field in your order summary. If you need help adding your code please contact us  before completing your purchase. We're really sorry that we can't apply discount codes once a sale or promotion has ended, or after you've completed your purchase. 

The best way to hear about upcoming discounts is always by making sure you are signed up to our newsletter. This is really easy to do.. just head to  this page on our website and sign up to receive you FREE (yup free) PDF Why crunches could be making your symptoms worse... and other things your doctor didn’t tell you about your post baby body!’.

We are aware that there are some coupon sites out there who post invalid codes without our knowledge or permission. We have attempted to contact these sites on numerous occasions to request that they remove these, so we're really sorry if you see these on line. 

Please note the only place you can purchase a genuine copy of MUTU with all associated support and guarantees is from our websites mutusystem.co.uk or mutusystem.com