Is there a MUTU System programme app?

We know many of our mamas prefer to follow their MUTU programme on their mobile phones or tablets.  So we've made sure MUTU is completely mobile friendly!

This means there's no app that you need to download from your app store and instead, you can just add the MUTU mamas membership site to the home screen of your device, so it looks like your other apps.

It's really easy to do this... just follow the steps below. 


  • To save the MUTU System login to your Android home screen first you need to go to the MUTU Mamas website. 
  • Next just tap your device's menu button and tap “add to home screen.”
  • Add the name you want, for example, “MUTU login.”
  • Now chrome will have added the MUTU Login to your home screen.


  • To save the MUTU System login to your Apple device (iPhone, iPad) home screen, first, you need to go to MUTU Mamas login using your safari browser. 
  • Next tap the share button on the browser's toolbar (the rectangle with an arrow pointing up). 
  • Then tap “add to home screen.”  
  • It will ask you what you want to name it - we suggest naming it something like ‘MUTU login’.

That's it.. now, you will have a quick and easy way to access your MUTU System Programme.