Am I eligible to pay with Klarna 'Pay later in 3'?

Paying with Klarna 'Pay in 3' dependent on a soft credit check. This is between you and Klarna only and not visible to other lenders and does not affect your credit rating in any way. 

When you opt to pay with Klarna, they'll ask for your phone number, email address, current billing address and a debit or card card so that they can run the check. 

Their assessment will be based on a number of factors such as the order value, and whether you've paid with Klarna for other goods and services. You can improve your chances of being accepted for Pay later in 3, by ensuring you provide your full name and accurate address details and shipping to your registered billing address. All orders are assessed individually. Just because you have been accepted for a Klarna payment method before does not mean it will be offered for every order and in turn, as it is declined does not mean it will be declined for all future orders. 

Please be aware that Klarna is a completely separate company and MUTU Holdings is not able to influence whether your application to use Pay later in 3 will be accepted. If you have any queries about your application, please get in touch with Klarna's customer service team at .